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Real Marketing Help for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you’ve probably found that it’s a lot harder than you expected to get the word out to people who need you and who have the budget to buy from you.

Unfortunately, most of the advice given to small businesses about marketing is just plain wrong. It’s designed to make money for the agency selling the service, but may not actually deliver results for you! How do you make decisions when the reports you’re getting from suppliers might as well be written in greek and you have nowhere to turn for help?

Imagine if you had a seasoned marketing expert to call on for help and advice any time you need it, without having to add another expensive salary to your already stretched payroll budget. That’s exactly what a small business marketing mentor does for you.
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Why hire a marketing expert for your business?

  1. A Clear Path Forward

    You work with a seasoned marketing leader to craft a marketing plan that fits your business and will get you to your goals.

  2. Make Sense of Vendor Reports

    Say good-bye to weighty, confusing reports you don’t understand from agencies that don’t understand you. Your marketing mentor will help you ask the right questions, so that you get the information you need to make key decisions.

  3. The Confidence to Say No

    Chasing tactics that aren’t right for your business can be expensive and dis-heartening. The truth is, not every must-do marketing tactic is really a must-do for you. Your mentor will help figure out the best places to reach your next customers.

  4. Eliminate Wasted Budget

    When you know the channels that really move the needle, you also know what you can safely ignore. Your mentor will help you plug the leaks in your budget by identifying and putting a stop to unnecessary marketing spending.

How It Works

You connect with a seasoned marketing expert who comes alongside to help you understand where the holes are in your marketing and what to do about them. You’ll know what’s working and what’s just wasting your hard earned cash.

Together, you’ll develop a clear plan of action so you can finally get off the marketing roller-coaster that’s creating a painful feast-or-famine cycle in your business.

You also have unlimited access to your mentor between calls to answer your urgent questions and help you make time-sensitive decisions.

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Does this sound familiar?

Hard to Find New Clients

You’re doing everything you can think of to generate new business, but you’re just not seeing the results.

Stop-n-Start Marketing

Marketing happens in fits and spurts. Some days you’re killing it, then you get busy and marketing falls right off the table for weeks or even months.

Everyone Wants a Discount

Getting full rate for your products or services is almost impossible. When you share your (already low) price, everyone asks for a discount.

Too Much Competition

It seems like every second person you meet does the same thing you do and you struggle to explain how you’re different.

Embarrassing Sales Collateral

You cringe every time someone asks for your business card or website address – but you just don’t know where to start to fix the problems.

Ready for change?

Is it worth 30-minutes of your time to find out if we can help you sleep better at night?

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Common Questions:

The right amount to budget for your marketing depends on several factors unique to your business – including your company’s size and revenue, your business goals, and the competitiveness of your market (just to name a few). Because of this, there’s no set number that’s right for everyone.

There are some guidelines to help you decide where your marketing investment should fall. Your mentor will help you apply these guidelines to your unique situation, then work with you to develop a plan, budget and timeline that makes sense for your business.

A consultant is an expert you hire to tell you what to do about a specific problem. Typically you work together for a fixed period of time on a very specific problem. Consulting fees tend to be higher than other forms of marketing help, and this type of engagement doesn’t help you become more self-reliant.

Agencies make their money by selling you a variety of done-for-you services. The more work they can convince you needs to be done, the more money they make. This sometimes creates a conflict between what’s best for the agency and what’s best for your business.

A marketing mentor comes alongside you as the business owner, asking key questions, providing guidance and acting as a sounding board to bounce your ideas off. Your mentor is an experienced guide who co-creates the solutions with you. And because your mentor isn’t in the business of selling services, there’s no risk they’ll recommend something that isn’t ideal for your business just to make this month’s sales quota.

If you are the owner of a small business with a limited budget, a mentor can provide you with the senior marketing leadership you need to achieve sales growth at a cost you can afford.

A marketing mentor is also a good fit when you are working with a few reliable freelancers and suppliers, but you aren’t sure how to interpret the reports they provide, or you’re worried that you’re not getting as much return as you could be from the money you are investing.

We have two ways of helping small business owners with their marketing programs.

Group Sprint Mentoring – is ideal for you if you need to take control of your marketing and make things happen fast. You will design and implement a complete marketing program for your business in 90-days, working alongside other small business owners like yourself. This program consists of group skills development and marketing planning delivered in 6 core modules over 90 days with 2 private strategy sessions to keep you on track. You also have access to bi-weekly live webinars and Q&A calls for as long as your membership is active. Can’t make the live broadcast? No sweat. All broadcasts are archived in the learning centre so that you can access them any time.

Personalized, One-to-One Mentoring – is ideal for you if you are looking for more direct consulting and personalized recommendations specific to your business. You have a marketing program in place but you aren’t sure it’s working or what to do to get better results. You’re paying freelancers and subcontractors for help, but may not be confident you’re getting value for your investment. You and your mentor meet regularly, either in person or via Zoom call, to review your marketing reports in depth, pull out the key insights and plan your marketing activities for the coming period. You also have unlimited access to your mentor by phone and email between meetings to get your urgent questions answered.

To find out which option is right for you, apply for a complimentary 30-minute introductory discovery session .

We get it. Too many small business owners have been given bad advice by people who are really great at one specific tactic, but don’t have the business experience to see the big picture. It’s also true that not every business is going to work well with our model.

We offer two no risk / low risk ways for you to get to know us a bit better, so that we can both be sure it makes sense to work together. To find out more about how we work, book a complimentary 30-minute introductory discovery session. Keen to roll up your sleeves and make real progress but just aren’t ready to dive into a long-term relationship? We recommend a Marketing Clarity Call – for a small investment, we’ll spend 90 minutes together working on solving your most pressing marketing problems.

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If you’re frustrated with expensive marketing strategies that don’t work, maybe it’s time to try something different? Is it worth 30 minutes of your time to find out if we can help you sleep better at night?

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