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What is a Growth Architect

A senior marketing and demand generation leader who becomes part of your team, a Growth Architect provides you with the leadership you need on a contract basis. We share the same definition of success – your company and your brand stand out in the market, and as a result, your sales grow.

Our Growth Architects follow a proven methodology we call PAC4E to design your Growth Blueprint, then work alongside you to implement sound demand generation and marketing principles and processes inside your business.

We work with your leadership team, your in-house team, and your agency partners to ensure marketing is aligned to business goals.

In short, we help you build a better mousetrap. All for a fraction of the cost of a full-time senior marketing executive.

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Why hire a Growth Architect for your business?

  1. The Expertise You Need

    You get access to an experienced leader with broad experience across multiple channels and marketing disciplines. You benefit from a comprehensive marketing plan for your business supported by the insights and reporting you need to make informed business decisions.

  2. Fees You Can Afford

    The salary for a full-time CMO can easily exceed $200,000 – leaving you with no gas in the tank to act on your growth plan. A growth architecture consultant delivers the leadership you need, while reserving the bulk of your budget for actually making things happen.

  3. Build Capabilities In-House

    Being at the mercy of freelancers and agency partners can kill your momentum and blow up your budget. We help to develop your internal team, growing your in-house capacity and reducing your reliance on high-cost third-party suppliers.

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Do any of these frustrations sound familiar:

Slow (or No) Sales Growth

You know the business is out there, but they can’t seem to find you. You’re spending money on marketing, but not seeing the results.

Stop-n-Start Marketing

Your marketing calendar is filled with great ideas that never got off the ground. Your team just can’t seem to finish projects.

Marketing Not Tied to Revenue

You keep asking, but no one on the team seems to know how to connect the dots between all the marketing “must dos” and your bottom line.

Lack of Accountability

Your in-house team is confused about priorities and there’s no one to hold agencies accountable to timelines and deliverables.

Repetitive Mistakes

If one more email campaign goes out with the founder’s name mis-spelled, you’ll blow a gasket. Acccuracy is pipe-dream.

Ready for change?

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Common Questions:

The right amount to budget for your marketing depends on several factors unique to your business – including your company’s size and revenue, your business goals, and the competitiveness of your market (just to name a few). Because of this, there’s no set number that’s right for everyone.

There are some guidelines to help you decide where your marketing investment should fall. Your mentor will help you apply these guidelines to your unique situation, then work with you to develop a plan, budget and timeline that makes sense for your business.

A consultant is an expert you hire (usually for a premium) to tell you what to do. Once the solution is described, you’re on your own to make it happen.

Agencies make their money by selling you a variety of done-for-you services. The more work they can convince you needs to be done, the more money they make. This often creates a conflict between what’s best for the agency and what’s best for your business – especially when you are lacking senior marketing leadership in-house.

Your fractional CMO is a member of your in-house team. She works directly with you to choose a clear path forward, then manages the execution of the plan on your behalf. And because a fractional CMO isn’t in the business of selling services, there’s no risk they’ll recommend something that isn’t ideal for your business just to make this month’s sales quota.

If you have 10 or more employees and, despite spending money on marketing, you’re hitting a wall when it comes to driving business growth, a fractional CMO can provide you with the senior marketing leadership you need at a cost you can afford. Most companies that benefit from a fractional CMO are generating between $2.5M and $40M in annual revenues and are keen to grow.

If your business has fewer than 10 employees, or your annual revenues fall below $2.5M, you may find that engaging a marketing mentor is a good place to start. A marketing mentor provides you with ongoing guidance and support to implement your marketing strategy while you continue to manage the day to day marketing activities in your business.

Not every business is going to work well with our model. We recommend starting with a Marketing Clarity Call.

A Marketing Clarity Call is a low risk way for you to get to know us a bit better, so that we can both be sure it makes sense to work together. For a small investment, we’ll spend 90 minutes together working on solving your most pressing marketing problems. You’ll leave the call with a clear path forward, and at least 3 action items to move you towards your goals.

At the end of the call, you’ll know if moving forward with a fractional CMO feels like the right next step for your business. Click here to find out more.

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