Take Back Control of the Sales Funnel

The Sales Cycle has Changed


Cover of Take Back Control of the Sales Funnel eBook
Today, the buyer has control. Deals come in but they aren’t as profitable. The sales conversation becomes focused on price. Your sales team is doing everything they’re supposed to – it just isn’t working.


Take Back Control Of The Sales Funnel

Today’s buyer relies on information found online to narrow his choices before even getting a supplier involved. By the time a prospect reaches out to you, he:

  • Has already developed a framework for the products and services he is willing to buy.
  • Knows the price he is willing to pay for them.
  • Has a definite opinion about how you stack up against your competition and what makes you different.

If you are still selling using the traditional sales and marketing model, by the time your sales team engages with a prospect, it’s already too late to influence the buyer!

Find out how you can adapt your existing sales process to the new sales funnel, engaging prospects earlier in the buying process and gaining a competitive advantage.

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