CASL Compliance Checklist for Canadian Businesses

Is CASL a Risk for Your Business?


Cover of CASL Compliance Checklist eBook
Canada’s anti-spam law dramatically changed the playing field for companies that use digital channels like email to market and sell their products and services. All types of business communication are affected. Even one-off emails between your sales people and a prospect!


Many common business practises could land you in hot water.

Corporations can be fined up to $10 Million dollars for breaching CASL. Individuals can be fined up to $1 Million. And directors and officers are personally liable for the actions of their employees – over and above the corporate liability.

  • 83% of workshop attendees do not have a written CASL policy
  • More than half are not sure their business is compliant
  • 7 out of 10 have not provided the required training to their staff

Businesses are struggling to stay compliant without gutting their sales and marketing programs.

This handy workbook will help you unravel the details, including:

  • The 5 key types of permission.
  • The hidden requirements for business owners.
  • Immediate action items to prepare ensure for compliance.
  • Links to important government resources for more information.

Don’t risk your customer communications programs! Download this easy-to-use checklist today and ensure that your online marketing efforts are operating within the guidelines of CASL.

Download the eBook

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