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Inbound marketing is an integrated program of online and offline strategies designed to generate new leads for your business, using lead scoring and lead nurturing to coax those leads through the sales funnel and turn them into qualified selling opportunities for your sales team. The goal of inbound marketing is to reach prospects during the crucial first 70% of the buying cycle that traditional selling can’t.
The ideal amount to budget for your marketing program depends on several factors unique to your business – including your company’s size and revenues, your business goals, and the competitiveness of your market (just to name a few). Because of this, there’s no set number that’s right for everyone. There are some guidelines to help you decide where your marketing investment should fall. We wrote this blog to help you figure out what’s right for you and your business.

Inbound marketing is an investment in your company’s long-term health, not a short-term fix. It’s been our experience that inbound programs typically take between 6-9 months to begin showing a net-positive return on your investment and it can take up to a year of consistent activity to realize the full potential ROI of the program.

The one thing that will have the biggest impact on the size and speed of the results you achieve will be your commitment to creating, publishing and sharing content. Typically, a more aggressive content development schedule delivers more aggressive returns in a shorter timeframe. A conservative publishing program will generate conservative results.

If you would like to find out what it will take to achieve your goals, request a complimentary Inbound Marketing Assessment with one of our specialists.

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We expect that you will pay your invoices promptly, respond to proofs and inquiries within a reasonable time frame and act in good faith throughout our relationship. We’ll ask you to assign a dedicated point of contact on your team to work directly with your Kinetix account manager. This person will be responsible for communicating feedback from your team and making sure we have the information we need within the agreed schedule. Typically, your primary point of contact needs to have the authority to make decisions about timelines, approve creative, etc and will need to be able to attend regular meetings with your Kinetix account manager.

Depending on the scope of work we are providing for you, we may also ask for access to your website, analytics, social media accounts and blog (if available).

Yes, we have many clients who rely on us for specific aspects of their online marketing programs. If you have inbound mostly covered, and are looking for help with a specific aspect of your program, check out the a la carte services tab on our Inbound Services Packages page or invite us out for coffee to chat about what you need.

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Inbound marketing definitely isn’t right for everyone. Consider an inbound strategy if you’re in a business that needs leads to fill a sales funnel, have a website that could use more qualified traffic, or you could use help converting website visitors into leads and, ultimately, customers. If you already have a well-defined sales process and a sales team that’s comfortable using a CRM to organize sales opportunities, even better. If not, don’t worry. We can help you with that.

Ready to find out inbound marketing is the right strategy for you? Give us a call. We’ll ask you a few questions (ok, maybe a lot of questions) about your business, your goals, your culture. If you’re willing to play along and give us real answers to some tough questions, we’ll let you know whether inbound offers real opportunities for you. We’ll also let you know how your company stacks up against your key competitors online. Request your free assessment here.

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We partner with several leading email service providers (ESPs) to deliver enterprise email marketing and marketing automation solutions for our clients. Our primary ESP partners are Silverpop – an enterprise email marketing and marketing automation platform that provides industry leading lead management and marketing automation for mid to large size businesses – and LyrisHQ, and easy to use email marketing system for customers with advanced email programs that don’t require fully integrated marketing automation and/or who need to create and deploy campaigns in-house with limited HTML and design resources. Both LyrisHQ and Silverpop house their servers within the US. Silverpop also offers access to a server farm based in Germany. For those few clients for whom maintaining their database within Canada is crucial, we also partner with select Canadian-based ESP platforms that offer affordability and reasonably advanced functionality to manage to your email programs.

HubSpot is a full-featured inbound marketing platform ideal for the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. HubSpot saves you money by allowing our team and yours to work efficiently and effectively, getting more accomplished in less time. It provides you with an all-in-one marketing solution; blogging, analytics, social media, email, automation and more. Interested in learning if HubSpot is right for you? Click here to speak with a HubSpot Certified Partner.

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No, HubSpot is a third-party platform with it’s own pricing structure. We work with you to integrate the HubSpot platform into your website and choose the best licensing level for your needs, but your software license is paid directly to HubSpot. Check out HubSpot’s pricing page for additional information.

HubSpot is a software platform that helps marketers work more efficiently and effectively. Getting your money’s worth from your investment in HubSpot requires people that can understand the information it provides, using that data and the software effectively to get results. Many small business owners and marketing managers can use HubSpot on their own, just like they may do their own accounting with Quickbooks. Kinetix “Coach Me” program is perfect for these businesses, offering access to deep experience and expertise without the high overhead of an agency services agreement.

Most mid-sized businesses with more advanced marketing needs will achieve better, more consistent results working with a partner to help them achieve their growth goals. Kinetix offers different Inbound Services Packages tailored to meet the needs of specific business situations.

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Yes. Typically, it will require a larger investment to accommodate the additional man-hours needed to do all of the clerical tasks that HubSpot automates for you. You will also need to put additional tools in place to manage your social media programs, email marketing campaigns, lead tracking, scoring and nurturing campaigns, blogging, SEO and content management systems on your website. During the strategy phase of your project, we will show you different options for implementing your inbound platform based on your needs and the tools you already use. You are free to choose the option that is best for you.

You do! That’s what you pay us for after all; to create rich content that will continue to generate ROI for your business for years to come. We do reserve the right to share excerpts of that work through our own marketing activities to help future clients understand the value we provide.

We measure our accomplishments by the quality of the work we deliver and the results we generate, not by the amount of time we spend on a project. Your Inbound Playbook outlines the specific activities you will need to undertake in order to meet your goals. Our Inbound Marketing Packages are designed to make us an extension of your internal marketing team. They include a specific set of deliverables for a  fixed monthly fee, regardless of how long it takes to accomplish them. That way, we’re free to do our best work without worrying about whether the extra five minutes to get that image just right can be accommodated within the budget. Visit our Inbound Marketing Packages page for more information and to download a sample inbound game plan.

Plans & Pricing

We use our decades of experience combined with comprehensive research and current industry benchmarks to establish the expected outcomes from your campaign. We then apply a rigorous process of regular reporting and continual optimization to maximize results throughout your campaign, minimizing risk as much as possible and maximizing your chance of success.

That said, many factors beyond your control will affect how well your campaign performs. These include your industry, the economy, market conditions, competitive pressures, and changing customer behaviour – just to name a few. Promising results under those conditions would irresponsible and amateur.

That’s up to you and will depend on your access to internal resources, your budget and your priorities. In most cases, we work together to develop the content your blog program needs. You provide the industry expertise and the technical details. Our job is to help you maximize your resources and support you however you need so that you reach your marketing goals. That might mean developing topics and writing articles for you, working with you to turn your ideas into content, optimizing the content you develop in-house or training your team to do this work.

Whichever content creation approach you choose, our copywriters work with you to add the flavour and colour, extending the content across multiple platforms so that you’re left with rich content that converts web site visitors into qualified leads.

If you hire Kinetix to develop your Inbound Playbook, you will be invoiced $3,500 when you sign your agreement and another $3,500 when your Playbook is completed. If you decide to move forward with Kinetix to either build your Inbound Platform or execute your inbound strategy, we will apply your second payment towards the fees for this work. The credit will be applied evenly across the first three invoices for the project.

In order to qualify for the second payment credit, you must sign a new agreement within 30 days of the second invoice for either :

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Yes. In order to ensure that we are respectful of our clients’ time, we only provide references if we agree that it makes sense to move forward after the initial consultation. You’ll absolutely have the opportunity to contact them before you sign a working agreement.

To start the process, request your free Inbound Marketing Assessment here.