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According to a Campaign Monitor Report when it comes to receiving information from a brand, email is the way to go. Furthermore, at least 76% of consumers agree that they are receiving relevant email from brands Рtherefore make sure you launch S.M.A.R.T. email campaigns!

Surprisingly, millennials were most likely to take action based on an email in comparison with other age groups.

What does it all mean for marketers? Actually quite a lot. Especially in tough economic times.

  • Don’t turn your back on your email program. Email remains the communication channel preferred by a significant majority of your customer segments. This is the time to ramp up and refocus your efforts.
  • Innovative social network marketing, mobile marketing, and blog marketing programs remain just that – innovative & largely experimental. They work best as an adjunct to (not instead of) a solid, well-rounded digital marketing program based on strong core web presence, effective email communications, and a solid search strategy.
  • Online communities remain most effective at reaching a younger demographic where participation and penetration are high enough to approach critical mass (more than 71% of millennials use social media everyday). For other groups, these tactics are most likely to be effective when you’re targeting a tech-savvy, early adopter psychographic or when your community is built around a shared passion that bridges age difference and encourages active participation.


*This article originally posted December 11, 2008 has been updated on May 8, 2018 to reflect current statistics and practices.


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