Online Marketing: Pop-up Retail?

July 27th, 2004 • 1369 views

According to, pop-up retail remains one of the hottest phenomenons to hit the industry in years.

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Ask Aunt May: Unsubscribe

July 22nd, 2004 • 1517 views

Aunt May,

I have a permission email newsletter list and send out special marketing offers to members from time to time. I’d like to send to all the names I have, even those who’ve unsubscribed from my newsletter. Just because they don’t want the newsletter doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested in this offer, does it?

St. Johns

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Ask Aunt May: SEO Marketing

July 15th, 2004 • 1555 views

Hi Aunt May,

I’m the VP of Marketing for a national distributor of nuts and bolts. I know that SEO (search engines optimization) is still a solid way to build traffic to a new website and I found a service that offers automatic submission to hundreds of search engines for only $9.95. Do you think I should try it?

Seattle, WA

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Ask Aunt May: Spamming?

June 8th, 2004 • 1646 views

Help me Aunt May!

Please settle an argument for me. I’ve just received a promotion offering me 3 million targeted email addresses for $50. It sounds like a good deal and we need the leads but my business partner doesn’t think we should buy it. Am I spamming people?

-Need New Leads,
Oshawa, Ontario

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Canspam Compliance Abysmal

March 22nd, 2004 • 1626 views

Compliance with the CANSPAM Act remains below 5% after more than 9 months, according to eMarketer. This is disappointing news for those who hoped it would make a significant dent in the deluge of spam, but not surprising given the ambiguity of much of the legislation. What are consumers and businesses doing about it?

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