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As some of you may know, I spent the first week of August at the Litmus email developers conference in Boston. After a week of email geekery (and eating my way around the city of Boston), I can officially say that this year was jam-packed with delicious email goodness!

I’ll be sharing all the details about what’s new in email marketing for 2018 on our September 27 webinar, including the how and why of these inbox shattering new techniques.


Client Specific Email Layouts

If you’ve worked with me on a template redesign, you’ve heard me say many times that your emails don’t have to look the same everywhere. That’s more true now than ever before. With increasing support for the CSS grid attributes, I’ve learned even more tricks to snazzy up your emails for clients that support it, while showing less-fancy, yet similar, fallbacks for your customers on older email clients.


Mind-Bending #EmailHacks

Some pretty creative email developers generously shared their own #EmailHacks, including new design concepts I can’t wait to put into practice and some pretty useful tools to take your images from snooze to WOW!

Some of my other big takeaways and learnings from the 2017 conference:

  • 2018’s email key words will be Customized and Personalized.
  • More subscribers than ever before can view interactive content and enhanced animations right in their inbox. (Thanks Gmail!)
  • I picked up some great tips on how to further optimize and decrease file sizes for images so that your emails are less data-hungry and load faster for your customers! A literal win-win!
  • The clever Steven Collins divulged his secrets on how to change the content of a message based on the email client a subscriber uses.
  • Sam Beddoes shared some of his best design tips and his super-fast method for creating amazing animations.


But the most important thing that I learned at #LitmusLive this year? That email developers nearly unanimously agree that GIF is pronounced with a hard G. #sorrynotsorry






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