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“Companies that are serious about growth don’t view strategy through the prism of inbound or outbound – they view it through the prism of allbound. The truth is that both, done properly, reinforce and make the other stronger.”

Doug Davidoff, Founder and CEO of Imagine Business Development


Allbound. I like that. One of the hurdles many companies face is the tendency to build their marketing efforts entirely online or off, choosing one over the other instead of looking at how they work together to bring in more qualified leads.


Outbound & Inbound Marketing – What’s the difference?

Outbound marketing is essentially another name for traditional advertising – the use of push tactics. These include television and radio advertising, print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, and outdoor advertising.

Inbound marketing is a term used for online strategies that pull qualified leads into your database, and then use automated marketing to nurture those leads and warm them up for the sales team. Through Inbound Marketing, you are able to increase brand exposure, leads, and sales through the creation of relevant and valuable content.

When you consider the domination of the Internet in business communications and the high potential ROI at a much lower cost, many businesses are asking how much they should invest into each channel and whether traditional marketing is still worth it.

The truth is, companies that are serious about growth don’t view marketing as an ‘either or’ proposition. They leverage both outbound and Inbound Marketing strategies together to achieve optimal results.


Tradeshows, A Perfect Example of Allbound

One of the easiest places to look at allbound as a strategy is on the exhibit floor. Kinetix employed allbound to help our client, Pacific Safety Consulting, win best in show and drive new qualified leads from their participation in the 2016 CSSE conference in Vancouver.

We began with a traditional trade show participation plan that included sponsorship, a new booth, printed brochures, and ads in the show guide. Layered on top were in-booth events designed to capture leads and meet CASL permission requirements, alongside targeted email outreach before, during, and after the show to reinforce the organization’s value and build stronger relationships with show attendees.

The outcome – Pacific Safety tripled the size of their marketing database, and benefited from the high brand visibility that comes with repeated exposure in all channels (physical and digital) throughout the show.


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