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Judging from the amazing response we got following Paula’s presentation “We’ve Been Watching You,” email marketing is definitely not dead and definitely should be part of your lead generation campaigns starting right now.

Being the email marketing sponsor for a major conference is intense. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to put our agency software through its paces when it comes to creating dynamic and personalized email campaigns that drive measurable results in the form of registration numbers. Paula’s presentation focused on the real results CIMC enjoyed as a result of integrating their outreach through a robust marketing automation platform.


Nothing Up My Sleeve

magic trick

The big message that resonated throughout the conference was the concept of ‘mobile first’ instead of just mobile friendly. When it comes to marketing automation, that means knowing your audience, what devices they are reading emails on, and how they are engaging with your site as a result. Your emails must compete in an overcrowded inbox flooded with messages from every corner of an individual’s life as the line between private life and work life continues to blur. Subscribers’ expectations have risen dramatically, making it dangerous to overlook the importance of personalization, dynamic content, and behaviourally driven targeting to maintain engagement with your list.

We had a lot of fun showing how segmentation and dynamic content can bring email to life with this simple ‘magic trick.‘ Try it now to see for yourself how simply a campaign can adapt to both the forms you submit AND the way you interact with the pages on a website.


See the Full Talk

If you missed us at CIMC, you can watch Paula’s full presentation by clicking the video link below or download the slides from her presentation here.

Not only were the teams at Jelly and Marwick fantastic to work with throughout the project, but they were incredible hosts at the conference itself and did an amazing job of keeping things running smoothly and efficiently for exhibitors, speakers, and attendees alike. We’re looking forward to 2018!


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