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Whew, another day of jam packed content! And, if I may say so, the best food I’ve ever had at a conference. Really – grandma doesn’t feed you so well. Each morning begins with a continental breakfast. There’s more juice, coffee, and snacks at the morning break. Then lunch (lasagna, caesar salad, appies – yum!) followed by snacks again at the afternoon break. The food alone is almost worth the price of admission. These ladies really get that hungry minds can’t learn.

But on to the important stuff – the content of the day.


Content Matters

That was the takeaway of the morning. Rahel Bailie shared her insights and her methods for wrangling the enterprise content animal – everything from what to create, to how it should be organized, developed, managed, used, and re-used. Her presentation was followed by a case study on the City of Vancouver’s infamous $3,000,000 website and the challenge of turning 50,000 pieces of content into a usable store of information. I’ll definitely have to pick up a copy of her book, Content Strategy, available online at XML Press.

Rahel reminded us that content is the reason people come to our websites, so it is the wise business that takes care to deliver the content people want. She also clearly defined the difference between marketing copy (we’re great because) and content (answers to questions real customers have). And the difference between data bytes and content.


Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing Round Out the Day

After lunch, the theme of the day switched to mobile. We learned the secrets to developing a winning mobile strategy and got a introduction to the evolution of mobile commerce – an area of advancement in which Canadian adoption lags considerably. Key takeaways – your mobile strategy has a shelf life of T minus 6 months. If you’re lucky, that is.

I for one, am nervous about the approach of ‘pay by fingerprint’ technology. As an email expert, privacy has been on the forefront of everything I do for a very long time. And the prospect of a potentially global fingerprint database has ethical and governmental implications we can’t ignore. Elsewhere in the world, pay by phone is already commonplace and fingerprint technology is appearing at tech shows, so it may already be inevitable.

The afternoon also brought some lightness to the day with a veritable avalanche of new tech terms from Scott Michaels of Atimi:

  • build and burn (their approach to the viability of augmented reality);
  • robot vomit (his assessment of the QR code)
  • spray & pray (to describe the strategy behind traditional, mass marketing)
But my favorite new term of the day came from Rahel Bailie who shared her secret ‘promance’ (professional crush) on co-presenter Gordon Ross of Open Road. Which left the room buzzing with just one question: Who’s your promance? And why?


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