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On November 19th, we co-hosted our first Digital Toolbox event with engageQ’s Tod Maffin and our Director of Business Development, Guy Steeves.  It was well-attended (thank you all!) and we received some great feedback and will take all that into consideration when we announce our next session.

Our focus for that night was to look at the future of digital marketing for 2016.  Tod took us through his predictions of how social media is going to continue to evolve that includes micro-niche social advertising, bio-metric marketing, the death of customer loyalty (thanks to mobile apps), and the growing power of ‘Big Data.’

The big takeaway from Tod’s presentation was that the digital arena will keep changing and evolving and that maintaining your customers awareness is going to need to continually adjust and grow. This led us to Paula’s presentation as to why a strong email marketing campaign tied in with robust data and CRM systems will continue to be crucial when it comes to customer loyalty and retention.

Our predictions:

  • Email is here to stay. It is so ubiquitous to our lives; we don’t even realize we’re using it most of the time. It is on our mobile devices, our laptops, our tablets.
  • Email will be shared. Be it forwarded to a friend or family or via social media, an email with a value proposition will be shared. Emails with social share buttons get 158% higher clickthrough rates than those without.
  • YouTube is not going away. The number of hours people spend watching videos (aka watch time) on YouTube is up 60% y/y. (Source: YouTube ) Emails with video embedded in them can increase conversion by 24% and make your email worth opening.
  • Segmentation – Know Your Audience. Make sure your data accurately reflects your audience. The age of the micro-niche is here and your email marketing will have to speak to the needs and tastes of the individuals on your data list.
  • Customized Content. The growth of email marketing systems and solutions is staggering.  Make use of the technology available to customize your message to your customer’s tastes and demographics. This will also increase your deliverability rates too as “mailbox providers are applying increasingly sophisticated algorithms to understand what content their users truly value,” states George Bilbrey, president at Return Path.


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