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Over a year after its implementation, CASL is still a source of confusion for business owners, lawyers, and marketers alike. Although there have been three significant CASL fines issued so far, very little real information has been shared about the hows or why’s of these decisions made by the CRTC.

In the absence of clear guidance from the body charged with deciding the rules, marketers are left to make their best guess about how to interpret the legislation and hope for the best.

Here in the CASL Resource Centre, you’ll find links to the legislation, articles, and opinions you need to figure out how CASL will impact your business, organized into:

  • Official Information Resources
  • Legal Opinions
  • Articles and Blogs


Official Resources: – Official government anti-spam website

Official Regulations – Full text of the regulations

Impact Analysis – Official regulatory impact analysis from office of James Moore, Minister of Industry

Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations – Industry Canada’s regulations relating to CASL, as published Dec 2013 on the Canada Gazette.

CRTC Regulations – October 2012, compliance and enforcement bulletin.

CRTC Opinion – February 2013, result of informal consultation with business groups.


Legal Opinions:

Dentons LLP – Anti spam resource page from Dentons LLP. Contains links to other information published by this law firm. – How CASL will affect your legal practice.

Bordner Ladner Gervais – Vancouver law firm with strong electronic commerce practise.

BLG – CASL Overview – PDF published by Bordern Ladner Gervais.

BLG – CASL Steps to Take – PDF published by Bordner Ladner Gervais

Deloitte – CASL FAQ


Articles and Blogs

Marketing Magazine – Canada makes commercial speech illegal. Marketing magazine discusses how Canada’s new spam law makes starting or growing a business almost impossible.

Burnaby Board of Trade Workshop – video of Kinetix’ own Paula Skaper delivering CASL workshop for business owners and members of the Burnaby Board of Trade.

Barry Sookman – CASL articles and resources published on the blog of Barry Sookman,

Volunteer Alberta – High level summary of CEMs and CASL.

CASL Clear as Mud – Published on Requires free subscription to view.

Kinetix Inbound Marketing Blog – Index of CASL and spam law resources published on the Kinetix Media blog. – Business in Vancouver article on the impact of CASL

Nonlinear Digital – Scathing but quite accurate assessment of the anti-commerce stance and problems businesses will face as a result of CASL.

Constant Contact – Good CASL webinar on YouTube.


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